The Comfortable and Cozy Comfort Zone

Stepping out of my comfort zone has always been intimidating to me. I’m a very reserved and private person and I have also been very apprehensive about putting myself out there for the world to see (or read in this case) for fear of rejection, not being accepted, or good enough, however, the idea of sharing my experiences as a new Mom has pushed me out of my own box! Having the idea is one thing but putting it into action is a whole other issue.

I have been tweaking and revising one blog for weeks and weeks….well maybe months and months, LOL (don’t judge me) but tonight I had a conversation with myself and decided that I need to step out of my comfort zone once and for all! As excited and passionate as I am about motherhood and blogging, I am a lot more nervous and let’s face it, fear can be crippling! By overthinking, critiquing and perfecting, it can impede any progress and prevent anything from ever being done at all.

I’ve recently been listening to a mommy podcast (yes I’m that mom that listens to podcasts and reads self-help books, parenting articles, etc… LOL) from a life coach/mom called The Momma Truth Show and she talks about procrastination and the fear of not being good or perfect enough and I had a revelation that this completely applies to me! Tonight, even though I didn’t even plan on writing a post, I decided that I needed to do this exercise for myself and take the first step of jumping (or slowly treading, LOL) out of my own comfortable cozy comfort zone!

I once read that change cannot occur until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change (yes I also love motivational quotes). So there you have it… my perfectly imperfect first post about stepping out of my own comfort zone!

Kristle~a perfectly imperfect monumental mom!