Kristopher & Kristina
Kristopher & Kristina


image image image imageMotherhood is like going to work for the first time for a company you’ve never heard of and have no idea how to run. However, I promise you that it will be the best job that you ever work. You will love it so much that you will work it 24/7 for just bright smiles, snuggly hugs and juicy kisses!

Hi, I’m Kristopher’s mother. I use to be Kristina, but I stopped being her about 16 months ago! Once this little boy that I adore more than life it’s self arrived, it’s like Kristina checked out and Kristopher’s mother checked in. I’m sure it happens like that for many mothers. Lol. I didn’t realize that I was known as Kristopher’s mother right away, it kind of just hit me one day. I walked into a room and was prepared to be greeted by everyone, but was immediately passed by to see Kristopher and when I was finally noticed…… it was a quick….. hi Kristopher’s mommy! Lol. As a Leo sign and youngest child you can only imagine the shock. Me…. miss center of attention was now downgrade!!! Lol. But, I love it! I absolutely love being Kristopher’s mother and now that I have this new light in my life, I don’t mind being his sidekick.

Believe it or not, I am alot more than just Kristopher’s mommy. I’m a still rather new wife. I’ve been married for almost 2 years to my husband. I have 2 stepchildren, a 16 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. I also have a nephew 20 and niece 9, that I’ve helped raise over the years. I work for law enforcement and I’m a very active friend. That’s just the quick and dry of me. But, I think that I really should be called……. Kristopher’s Supermom!!! Lol.

Trying to truly introduce who you are without sounding full of yourself is a little hard. Lol. But, I will give it a try…..

I’m woman who has dreamed of being a mother forever. Where most young girls dreamed of weddings, I dreamed of babies. In my late 20’s I was told that a test I had taken showed very high marks of cancer. I had a large mass on my ovary and was told that I would lose it. I remember feeling crushed. I was a 29 year old woman who had spent her younger years maturing and attending college. I always knew that I wanted children, but just at the right time. I had never considered not being a mommy. I was meant to be a mommy! However, at 29 I realized that I may have over thought my life and missed the chance. Thankfully, I went into surgery and walked out both cancer free and with 2 ovaries. But, those comforts were replaced with nasty reality of being diagnosed with endometriosis. A disease that attacks reproductive organs. I never allowed my fear to destroy my faith and I stayed faithful. I prayed daily for God to bless me to carry life. I went through 2 rounds of a drug called Lupron and was blessed with an awesome baby boy. So….. pretty much I’m alot of things…. I’m faith driven, educated, very socialble, a wife, stepmom, mommy/aunt and yes….. Kristopher’s Mother.

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