8637BE34-4EA2-47E8-A427-C47ED5063522I’m sure Kristina and I have said this over 5000 times but parenting is hard…well, being a good parent is anyway! Trying to balance everything from career goals, housework, quality time with your child/children, and time with your spouse is very difficult, let alone finding time just to pee in peace! Sometimes I feel like I’m balancing and juggling everything well and sometimes I feel like I’m one second away from unraveling!

Moms really do make the world go around! No disrespect to the Dads, but multitasking is Mom’s superpower! I’ve compiled a list for those Moms who are one dirty dish away from losing their shit and are on the verge of saying screw it all and running away, LOL!

1. Just Breathe- Some days it’s enough to just make it through the day.

2. Ask for help- If you have a spouse sometimes you may have to guide and instruct them on exactly what you need them to do. They can bathe and feed the kids just like you can, well maybe not the same but, its ok! I’ve come to realize that if I don’t ask for help then my husband will assume that I have everything handled.

3. Stick to a set bedtime in order to have a little time to yourself-Sometimes I get home late and feel guilty for being at work and not getting to spend a lot of time with Kodie. But I’ve realized that he still needs his rest and I need a little time to myself to unwind.

4. Sometimes you may need to take shortcuts to maintain your sanity-The house might not be up to par all of the time but it’s better to have a house that’s not the neatest versus everything being in perfect order except for you!

5. Find adult time when you can and don’t feel guilty-It’s ok to take time for yourself or you risk losing your identity and sanity!

6. Don’t listen to the Mom that says everything is perfect- Either she’s lying and too embarrassed to admit that she’s losing her shit, or she has a Nanny, LOL!

7. If you don’t find the above tips helpful, then drink wine! It helps!

~Kristle (Kodie’s Mommy

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