I was at the doctor’s office today with my son, Kodie who is sick right before his 4th birthday (sighs) and the nurse practitioner told me that her son was sick too. He was running a fever and therefore couldn’t go to school. She went on to say that her babysitter wasn’t available until later in the day and she still had patients to attend to, so she had to bring her sick son to work for a while until the sitter was available.

That’s when it hit me! Regardless of color or how much money you make, Motherhood is hard! You are forced to make sacrifices and important decisions daily! As women, we all struggle while working and often second guess ourselves or feel guilty for having a career. It’s definitely stressful when you have to tend to both a sick child (children) and a career.


When the nurse practitioner told me her struggles, it just reaffirmed for me that womanhood and motherhood is challenging. I told her that the struggle is real and she agreed, LOL. As mothers and women we have enough pressure on us to be experts at work, at home, and in the bedroom LOL. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself, mama you’ve got this…. even on our toughest days it can be reassuring to know that somewhere out there is another mother going through the same experiences and making the same tough decisions you’re faced with each day.

~Kristle (a Supermom!)

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