Hi, My name is Kristina and My son is a Momma’s Boy. Kristopher, is three years old and loves me more than anything else on this earth and the feelings are very mutual. He wakes up in the morning and immediately calls for me. If my husbands goes to him first, he will ask for Mommy in a matter of seconds. In the mornings when I drop him off to school, we have to share at least 5 kisses, 5 hugs, a secret and, and say I love you at least 3 times. He falls to sleep the best when he is able to lay directly on my skin and typically likes for me to be around him the majority of the time. With out question my son is a Momma’s Boy and I have absolutely no issue with it.

Despite popular belief, that in no way makes him weak, girly, or too attached to function on his own. The stereotype of a “Momma’s Boy,” is crazy to me. My son is one of the most sociable kids in his preschool class. His teachers have complimented him on how mature he is for a three year old (shares well, rarely throw tantrums, and follows directions well). He goes to playgrounds and plays with kids his age, younger and older without any issues. After dinner he places his own plate in the sink, and brushes his own teeth. He is also a pretty rough little guy, daring and adventurous. Where he is attached and loves mom’s presence, he is still extremely independent. Kristopher, enjoys discovering, fixing, and accomplishing things on his own.

I absolutely hate the stereotypes and negative talk about “Momma’sBoys.” How often do we hear negative things when people say…. Awwwwww, she’s a “Daddy’s Girl?” The answer is never! Society just eats that up. It’s great to be a “Daddy’s Girl, but bad to be a “Momma’s Boy.” I decided to create a list of a few great things about “Momma’s Boys!

1. They are gentlemen: My three year old loves to rush and open doors for me, and even to try to pull my chair out. He’s going to be a great husband in the future.

2. Empathic: He’s in tune with my moods. He knows before anyone else when I’m happy, or sad. “Momma’s Boys,” learn quickly to read emotions, because they watch their moms so closely.

3. Loving: “Momma’s Boys,” can’t help but to be loving people. They spend so much time loving their moms that they are just full of extra love.

4. Respect Women: Being raised by a woman, they often have great respect for them. My son believes that I can do anything. The pride I see when he looks at me makes my heart melt.

5. Gentle with Girls: I’ve noticed that as rough as my son can get, when he’s playing with little girls his size, he’s careful not to knock them over or run into them too hard or often.

6. Super Happy: Just as any other kid is, “Momma’s Boys,” are just as happy. Being a “Momma’s Boy,” doesn’t make them any less happy!


I hope that this blog helps mothers of “Momma’s Boys” feel a little more comfortable in raising their sons. Ignore the myths and opinions of others and keep right on loving your son with everything that you have inside of you.

Kristina – Kristopher’s Mommy


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