One of the most frequent questions that I get as a Mom of a toddler is, why do I do so much with such a young child? Let me start with my own truth about this question. I hate it!! It agitates me to my core, because what I really want to ask in return is…… why do you care what I do with my young toddler? The question really puzzles me, because if others aren’t paying for these outings or adventures, I really don’t understand why any of it matters to them. Yet, no matter what, the question still pops up after most of our many outings. My typical sarcastic response is; why not? There are a million articles that tell parents the importance of reading to your children very early in life. There are articles that stress the importance of play and others that talk about the benefits of having conversations with your children while they’re young. Logically, why wouldn’t exposing your children to new adventures and taking them to different places not benefit them as well?


It is my goal to expose my son to as many new things as I can every day, week, month, and year of his life. Children learn through play, and experiencing things through touch, and auditory experiences. When I take my three year old to new beaches, I help him decrease his fear of water and learn more about sand, shells, and sea life. When we go to amusement parks, I teach him to be a little more daring and experience gravity. At the Zoo he meets new animal friends, and in every new state that we visit he is able to learn about new cultures, forms of transportation, and places to see. The world is a classroom and a playground for kids. I chose to use it as that for my son while bonding and creating endless memories! It’s also a great way to have him burn his endless energy. A toddler boy will run you crazy if you don’t run them first, so I’m always sure to beat him to the punch!


For the people who believe that it’s all too much. I’ve learned to shrug them off. To moms like me, you have to do the same. And, for those that are wondering……. he remembers it all! He talks to me in detail about the places we go and is sure to let me know which are his favorites. Being a mother is hard, and not just because you’re busy or tired, but because you are constantly judged! You are judged by family, friends, coworkers, and other moms all of the time. That’s the hard part. Being judged hurts; even for us tough Moms. I have so many moms who tell me that I’m doing my child a disservice because they assume that I never allow him to get bored and have imaginary play. It’s the most hilarious thing in the world to me! I guess that I should be flattered that people believe I am rich enough to keep him that busy. Trust me, I’m no where close. My son actually has a ton of down time where he drives me crazy and does a bunch of imaginary play. If you met my son, you know right away that he has the biggest imagination ever for a three year old.


To the adventurous moms out there, never allow the questions or judgement of others to impact your flow. We are all moms who do things and live differently, let’s each embrace those differences. Each of us has a super mommy power, never stop another Moms power from shinning brightly.

– Kristina (Kristopher’s Mom)

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