IMG_0290Motherhood is by far the most challenging job that I’ve had to date! The hours are 24-7, you don’t get sick days, and your sleep is constantly interrupted. The toddler tantrums kick in when you least expect it and you feel so helpless when they are sick. On the contrary, it’s also one of the most rewarding and fun experiences that I’ve had. The way that Kodie loves me is unique to anything that I’ve ever experienced. He calls me princess when I get dressed up, LOL. He holds the door for me, tries to carry my grocery bags, and he makes up his own songs, LOL. Although some days can be never ending and really hard, I tell myself that it’s important to savor these moments because they will be gone before I know it. Below I’ve compiled a list of ways to enjoy the madness of motherhood.

What do you do when your toddler has lost his or her mind?

You lose your mind right along with them. I will say. Kodie’s name constantly over and over again until he can’t take it anymore. I’ll have my own tantrum…this includes whining, pretending to cry and asking for stuff over and over again, LOL.

Impromptu dancing is fun.
Kodie loves to dance and I’m not much of a dancer, but the good thing about kids is they don’t judge you. They just think that mommy is funny and silly.
Because I’m an Adult I can eat all the snacks I want!
If Kodie won’t eat his dinner or if he is misbehaving, I will eat his snacks in front of him, LOL. It makes him so mad, LOL. I’ve found that withholding snacks from Kodie has been a very effective form of punishment.

Have your children get stuff for you.
Now that Kodie is a little bigger and he can understand and follow instructions really well, if I forget something upstairs or downstairs I can have him get it for me! When he was a baby and I forgot something I would constantly have to run up and down steps…well not anymore! When I was a kid I hated when my parents would make me get their stuff for them. Adults would always say stuff like, that’s what kids are for, LOL!

Having children is the perfect excuse to watching certain movies/shows.
Kodie and I were watching Pinocchio the other day and I must say it was really good, LOL. I haven’t seen it in years!

Kodie is not an agreeable child. I can say let’s do this and he will automatically disagree just to disagree. He actually enjoys arguing, LOL. When I’m bored I’ll pick arguments with him and he gets so mad!
-Kristle (Kodie’s Mommy)

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