People ask me all the time what’s one of the most important skills that I have learned since becoming a mom and a wife. I used to say things like patience, time management, and self-care, but honestly it has been budgeting! I was laid awake one night mentally working on my budget as I often do, and I began thinking about that question and I asked myself why I or others rarely say that budgeting is the major key? It took me until morning to answer. The reason is that no one wants to appear to be struggling or unable to manage their finances. We live in a society where reality television and social media rules, and we all want to look as if we are living the high life. I however, realize that I can’t maintain that type of lifestyle and raise a family.

Having my son bought me to reality! Having to purchase clothes for a child who doesn’t stay the same size season to season, new shoes, pampers, wipes, paying for daycares, camps, soccer teams, and swim classes has really humbled me. When I do go to the mall, it’s almost never for me. To live well and not have it all spin out of control, I had to not just create a budget, but to learn to stick to a budget! Budgets are what balance your life and keep you from having extra doctor bills due to high stress levels. So Moms and Wives, and readers in general, never be ashamed of having a budget. Share what works for you, because you will be surprised at how many others are budgeting and willing to share what works for them. Knowledge is power and we can all learn from each other. My goal is to get a couponing coach! Lol. Yep, a coach, because I’m somehow slow at getting my couponing together, but to save money, I need it!

Budgeting Tips:

1. Work on/ look at it your budget at least once a week. You have to be one with your budget and reviewing it helps you stick to it.
2. Be flexible, but not too flexible. Leave a little fluff money for an extra lunch or an unexpected small bill or purchase, because things happen. Do not allow other things though. A new purse does not fall in that category

3. Learn from the experts. Follow some budget gurus on FB, IG, and blogs. Order some books on budgeting and look into some budget spreadsheets.

4. Congratulate yourself! When you reach a payoff goal, celebrate your achievement. Tell yourself how you rock!!

5. Learn to manage your credit better. Better managed credit, creates easier living budgets.

6. Don’t be ashamed. Finically savvy people have budgets. Budgets aren’t shameful, but smart!

Monumentals if you haven’t worked on your budget in a while, get a glass of wine, say a little pray and go for it!!

Kristina – Kristopher’s Mom


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