I’m sure that all parents can relate to this topic that small kids and toddlers will say whatever comes to their mind, no matter the time or place! Theses little guys have no filter. When Kodie gets diarrhea of the mouth, he mostly says things that are mean and or inappropriate.


Sometimes, I’m so nervous when we are in public because he literally says whatever pops into his mind! Kodie has been fighting a virus so we have been back and forth to the doctors. While waiting in the lobby the other day he began pointing and said “Mom what’s that?” I started naming actual things such as the water fountain a picture etc. hoping that it would end there! I was praying that he wasn’t talking about the woman across from us. Yup, he surely was calling a person a that! He doesn’t understand that people are not called that and that everyone is not a him LOL. The woman said “are you talking to me?” and Kodie said yes, the woman was really nice and told him her name and asked him his. None the less, I was so mortified!


On another occasion we were in a super market and he was in the cart, we rode by an older woman and for some reason he thought it was appropriate to say eww eww! I was so embarrassed, I pushed the cart as fast as possible and just hoped that she didn’t hear him. To this day, I still don’t know what the problem was.

Also, another time while in the doctors office while the medical assistant asked us questions, Kodie just needed to know if his Aunt Kevia had her bra! Mind you-she wasn’t even there……really?! For some reason he has a fascination with bras and he always wants to know if I have my bra on LOL! When Kodie isn’t talking he’s growling and roaring at people! Sometimes, if Kodie is in one of his moods he will growl and roar at people when they speak to him. He spends a lot of time perfecting his roar and he even gives me lessons LOL! There is literally never a dull moment with a toddler around.



~Kristle (Kodie’s Mommy)

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