I believe one of the most important things that any of us can be as a mom is honest about our children. Being honest with ourselves and with others takes so much pressure off of us and our kids. Think about it; we have all met the parents with the perfect kid/kids!! That parent who talks about how well behaved their child is all of the time. How their kid does no wrong. How their child knows everything. How their child never misbehaves and everyone should just love their child as much as they do. Typically their kids aren’t as perfect as they believe and because their parents hold them to such a high degree it makes it difficult sometimes for others to truly appreciate the parent or the child. That’s why I’m a believer in being able to remove your blinders when it comes to your own children.

I love my son to the moon and back. I believe that he’s a good kid when he wants to be and that he’s a pretty smart little guy, when he’s not doing outrageously crazy stuff that might have him end up missing 3 years of schooling, because his stuck in a coma. Where I adore him, and I enjoy that others love him, I accept all realistic parts of him and that’s important to me. When I meet people, I don’t jump to brag about how smart he is, because moms, it can seriously be a turn off to other moms. All of our kids can typically do something great. Before I knew any better, I would frequently leave some mom events wondering if I was the only mother with a kid that drives me crazy 60 percent of the day!!! My son wakes up on 80 and quickly moves to about 150, by 12pm. He jumps off of random things for no reason at all. All day I’m saying things like…….“Kristopher, please don’t climb up the book shelf,” only to hear, “Mommy, I need to get higher up to see across this jungle and jump over to that bed.” Oh, and let’s not forget how often I roll my eyes behind his back! He has an absolute need at the age of three to correct everything that I say wrong. “Kristopher, pick up that alligator off the floor please. Mom, it’s not an alligator, it’s a crocodile!” Meanwhile, whatever type of plastic amphibian it is, it is still on the floor! The other thing that drives me crazy is that everything has to go his way!!! “Mommy, don’t walk up that side of the stairs with me, you have to walk up the other side of me,” while it takes us forever to climb 12 steps!!!

I’m not sure how these other parents are creating such perfect children, but I sure wish that they would share the secret!!! No matter how much I try to teach manners to him, he loves to fart, and all topics that include butts. So, to you Moms with your children who are focused on learning Chinese at the age of 3, I salute you! To the ones who don’t have kids using all their contact solution and laundry detergent trying to make slime underneath their beds, more power to you! I’m just trying to make it to age 4 without dropping my child off at the police station! Lol. Seriously Moms, cut the crap, kids misbehave, and that is life! So on the next outing please spare everyone the Martha Steward parenting version and just give the he Real Lives of Moms Smack Down one, because I promise you, you and your little ones will get invited out 10 times more to play dates that way.

Kristina- Kristopher’s Mom

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