Monumental Moms would like to acknowledge all Monumental Dads!!! Fathers’ Day is today, and where we love our wonderful dads all the time, we would like to honor them a little more with this post. Dad’s are a major part of parenting, they are the superheroes of the household. Dads chase monsters away, flex their big muscles, and protect mommy and the kids. Who doesn’t love dads? Even when dads are completing stressing Moms out, moms still love having dads at home.

Here’s our top 10 reasons that we love dads!!

1. Dads give the best piggy back rides
2. Dads will eat their food, the kids food, and your food…. no leftovers!
3. Dads can build anything out of nothing
4. Dads can always make you laugh no matter how sad you are
5. Dads work hard for their families
6. Dads always make you feel safe
7. Dads always find the most creative solutions to any of your problems
8. Dads make the funniest sounds with their bodies, no matter how much mom hates him to.
9. Dads will let you do all the adventurous things that mom is afraid to
10. Dads love us!

Happy Father’s Day!!!



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