As a working mom my days are long. Between the work hat, mom hat, and the wife hat I’m mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day! Sometimes just a few minutes of alone time is a big deal! Motherhood is definitely the hardest job on the planet! My son literally calls me mom or mommy over a hundred times a day lol! When he needs something he doesn’t ask his dad, nope he asks me. Sometimes when he’s talking, I’ll zone out, LOL, then he will ask questions to make sure I’m listening! SMH.

Sometimes, on those really hard days when everything is going wrong with the toddler tantrums and stubbornness and my husband is irking my soul, I want to scream and just quit! But as a mom you are a lifetime employee, LOL! My son is very needy and he wants to touch me even when I don’t want to be touched, LOL. But then I remember that I’m the constant in his life. He knows that if he has a boo boo, mommy will kiss it. If he’s scared of something mommy will make sure he’s no longer afraid. When he wants to be cuddled, then mommy will be there. He knows when he has a nightmare and wakes up screaming mommy will come running. He knows that mommy will comfort him whenever he needs it.

Sometimes I’ll think that I’m winning when I put Kodie to bed at a decent time, but then an hour or so later he will come downstairs looking for me and I really want nothing more than to put him right back to bed so that I can have a moment to myself! But then he will say “I need my mommy” and in those moments I remember that I’m his EVERYTHING! One day these will all be memories for me but for him these moments will be his foundation; the foundation that will make him a caring and compassionate human being, an awesome man, and a future husband and father someday. I’ve been blessed with an enormous role! I get to be somebody’s Everything!

~Kristle (Somebody’s Everything)

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