Today, I realized that motherhood with a toddler is going to send me to the Nut house. If you have/had a toddler (especially a boy), you already know what I’m talking about. Toddlers have a way of pushing you as far as you can go, and my son specializes in doing just that. He absolutely loves to do all the things that he shouldn’t. If there’s a puddle and he has on cloth tennis, he will jump in it. He licks random things for no reason at all, and climbs things, just to jump off. Boogies and passing gas, are the new funniest things in life. And, if I’m washing clothes I must guard the washer while open with my life, so that every item in the home doesn’t go into it. There is no rest as a toddler mom.

As if the behavior is not enough, the questions alone make my head spin. The other day when he spotted a squirrel running up the street, he asked me what squirrel poop smelled like. I was speechless, I mean it’s a great question, but how am I to know? I can’t recall ever smelling or seeing squirrel poop! It is days later, and I’m still trying to figure out where squirrels poop at! As a new toddler mom, I’m a little confused at how I’m supposed to know answers to all the things his mind comes up with!! And, I’m sure the questions will only get harder as he gets older!!! Just the other day he was drinking some juice and then went to use the bathroom. When he returned, he asked me if the pee in the pot was the juice he just drank, or the water that he drank earlier. I just stood there thinking……. now I’m expected to be pee expert! LOL.

Along with behaviors and toddler questions, I deal with the “let me create this,” inventions. My son creates all types of things, and I love his little imagination, but some days I’m too tired to redirect his ideas in a direction that doesn’t destroy our home or household products. I’ve frequently caught him taking all the toilet tissue off the rolls, so that he can use the roll for a telescope.

To the toddler moms out here making it one day at a time, know that you are not alone and these crazy moments wont last forever. One day they will grow up, and we will miss those wild behaviors, crazy questions, and cute little inventions. Enjoy these little moments Moms, because they will be the ones you want to remember the most.

-Kristina (Kristopher’s Tired Mom)

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