I remember feeling alone and lost. I remember my now husband and then boyfriend, telling me how crazy I was. How it was impossible that just brushing by my stomach could cause so much pain, or that my digestive system couldn’t possibly move so quickly after eating and cause diarrhea. I can recall the times of embarrassment, where my car seat would be bloody from after driving to work, and always having to carry a change of clothes in my trunk. I know what it’s like to be in so much pain that you aren’t sure how you can live another day with it.

Endometriosis, attempts to steal my life and my joy everyday, but I refuse to allow it to. I attend events with a smile on face, but a tampon and pad on for double protection. I move slow sometimes from the incredible pain that rolls through my body, but I stay active. I go to work, and spend the whole day with my stomach, back, uterus, and pelvic area feeling as if it’s on fire. There are days I’m extremely fatigue and others where my head pounds for hours, yet I’m always up and accounted for. Ladies, suffering from any chronic illness, remember that you are tougher!

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis (Endo), occurs when the tissue that usually grow in the uterus, starts growing in other places and causing scar tissue.

Signs to Watch for:

1. Clotting during cycles
2. Excessive bleeding
3. Longer than usual cycles
4. Pain in your stomach, back, rectum, vagina, pelvis, or ovaries
5. Pain during intercourse
6. Constipation and difficulty defecating
7. Infertility
8. Bloating
9. Fatigue

Interesting Facts:

– March is Endometrosis Month and you can wear yellow to support

-Endometriosis tissue has been found in other places than just the uterus. It has been seen in the lungs and even the brain.

-Whatever the blood touches, it typically scars and the scars become inflamed when woman’s cycle starts no matter where it is.

-It can cause depression in women suffering. It’s a chronic illness that many don’t understand and will often brush off as just a bad cycle that women suffering need to get over.

-It’s not just pain during a cycle. It can cause other illnesses, like IBS. It makes bowel movements difficult, and can also cause pain during intercourse.

-There is no cure.

-Having a hysterectomy, doesn’t stop Endometriosis.

-Most women aren’t diagnosed right away and suffer for years.

-It’s diagnosed through surgery only

Ways that I have found Comfort:

-Soaking in hot baths.

-Trying to get plenty of rest during cycles.

-Heating pads.

-Exercise, it relieves stress and helps the body become overall stronger.

-Sharing with others what I’m experiencing. Having a friend that understands the disease is a blessing.

-Learning more about Endometriosis. Knowledge is power!

To any others suffering with endometriosis, know that you aren’t alone.





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