I’m a Leo woman, and I believe that I fit my sign very well. I enjoy attention and I typically get a lot of it from friends, family, and even strangers. I’m a 100% natural born leader. Even when I’m being quiet and laid back, I somehow end up still leading the pack in some way. I have a super big heart and will immediately jump into action to help anyone. I also know that I can be a little bossy at times (not often), and that I’m a natural hunter. I hunt for everything; sales, vacations, degrees, new activities, and whatever else I get fixated on. The one thing that consistently surprises me as a Leo is that I rarely roar! I have a ton of thoughts towards things, but for the sake of keeping peace, it takes everything to push me into reacting. My failure to use my voice right away is a good thing and a bad thing. Where I keep the peace a lot, I realize that having a voice is important as a woman, wife, and mother. 

As a woman, maneuvering through everyday life, our voices are important at work and in our personal lives. For myself, I have noticed that people will push me further than they will others. It really upsets me at times, yet I will rarely say anything about it. The issue is that I only have 0 and 100. Anything in between generally doesn’t happen, so to keep my professionalism and friendships, I stay at zero. The other day, someone told me, “You don’t have to raise your temper or voice to correct people when they mistreat you.” I’ve thought a lot about that over the past few days and I get it. To achieve that however, I must start addressing things immediately to prevent them from escalating. I’m finally ready to start that journey.  To other women struggling, stop! It causes you unnecessary stress and gives people the wrong sense of fake power over you.  

As a wife, we are told to be submissive, but I think we confuse that meaning. We can be understanding and agreeable, without being a doormat. Three years into marriage, I think my voice has come in well. I’m married with two step children, from two different moms. Things can get heated in that dynamic often. At the beginning, I consistently placed myself far last, but I have now found the power in ‘no.” As wives, we must speak up for ourselves, because our happiness or unhappiness has so much power in our households. If you’re a wife struggling to find your voice, start writing your thoughts down and slowly begin to implement your “No” into your household. Trust me, it will save you and your marriage in the long run. 

As a mom, I’ve learned that my voice is extremely important, and in this area, I don’t struggle. That lioness and cub bond overpowers everything. My mother told me when I was just 2 months into motherhood, that mothers don’t get the privilege of being a calm a lot. That we must be raging waters to protect our kids, and I believe that. Children aren’t old enough to fight most of life’s battles, so it’s our jobs as mothers to have the fearlessness and voice to do so. When it comes to your children’s health, education, and wellbeing, never back down.  

Motherhood, has taught me how to be a lioness more and more, in so many other areas of my life. Where I am still a work in progress, my voice is as strong as it’s ever been. To other mothers, wives, and women out there, find you inner lioness and allow her to speak. You deserve to be heard and respected. Roar when necessary Monumental Moms. 


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