IMG_5698.JPGHave you ever wondered why you are here and what your purpose is? This is a question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. For me, after becoming a Mom it was more important than ever to find my true purpose in life. I was meant to be a Mom and I feel that motherhood is definitely one of my purposes in life, but there is also more purpose for me. I believe that one of my callings in life is to be a listening ear and an inspiration to others. I consider myself an introvert who has extrovert tendencies at times, LOL. I actually enjoy being a loner and not being around a lot of people, but there are also times when I enjoy the company of others.

Throughout my life people have always been drawn to me even when I didn’t want to be bothered, LOL. Even as a teenager, strangers would walk up to me and share their problems and some would literally share their life stories. I realized early on that people felt comfortable talking to me even about intimate details of their life. My friends would always call me when they needed advice, we would have counseling sessions LOL; they would tell me their problems and I would offer solutions.

In college, I realized that I wanted to help people, so I studied psychology with the goal of becoming a counselor. I then changed my mind and no longer wanted to be a counselor because it became overwhelming listening to people’s issues, LOL. The irony is that I listen to people’s problems as a probation agent and try to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Someone once told me that this is who you are and you can’t help what you are.

As mothers, it’s very easy to lose yourself! It’s easy to put your own interests, hobbies, and goals on the backburner, however, to be truly fulfilled you must find what makes you happy! So I encourage anyone who is discouraged and overwhelmed or who just can’t seem to make time to figure out their own life’s purpose to remember that we all have special gifts and talents that need to be shared with the world!
“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say that I used everything you gave me.” –Erma Bombeck
-Kristle (Kodies Mommy)

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