At 33 years old, with a dual undergraduate degree, and a master’s degree, 11 years into my career, 3 years into marriage, and 2 years and 10 months into Motherhood; I am just learning to count. I know, it’s sad, and sounds really crazy! I’m sure you’re thinking, who married her, who passed her in school, who hired her to work, and what is she teaching her son! Lol. No worries though, my husband is smart enough for the both of us, I attended great schools, I rock with my clients at work, and my son can count to 20 really well. Yet, yes I have sadly just learned to count!

Let me stop dragging you all along, and get to the point. Before, motherhood, I had no idea what counting truly meant! I would see Moms counting in the stores to their toddlers, and even to themselves at times. I can remember mothers in my family laying their kids in their beds for nap and bedtime, and start counting as they close the door. Who would have known that counting was such a big part of parenthood? Especially, for moms. However, I’m now a proud counter! Kristopher knows how to take my pressure completely through the roof. He can literally reach the last nerve that I have been praying he wouldn’t find, and the older he gets, the better I have learned to count!!! I use to be the woman who shook her head at Moms counting down before enforcing some type of discipline with their kids. I would think, they did it, now place them in time out for goodness sakes! Now, I understand that it just doesn’t work like that! We count as Moms to give them an opportunity to correct themselves, and most importantly, to give ourselves chances to behave like sane people, instead of raging beast! As a parent, I’ve learned that it’s not coffee that gets me through, it’s counting

I now find myself just counting everywhere, all of the time. I hate being placed on hold, so in efforts to not get too agitated, I’ve learned to count. At work when I’m asked to do someone else’s task for the hundredth time, I smile and count. I have learned to use counting to be a better person and parent. Counting has saved my son’s life and kept me out of jail! Together, he and I, also count a lot. We go outside and count trees, we count stairs, count for hide-n-go-seek, and for most of his games. Counting has become a major part of my life, in such an unexpected way. Moms, when you find yourself about to lose it all, just learn to count!

– Kristina, Kristopher’s Mommy

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