Motherhood is happening for you and not to you….
This is one of the most profound quotes that I’ve heard! I was listening to “The Mama Truth Show which is a Podcast” (sidenote…..this podcast is amazing) when I heard this statement I literally had an Aha moment! If you ask any Mom about motherhood, they will admit that it can be really rough at times. It literally is a 24-hour job, with no clock out time and no end date. When you’re in the midst of dealing with a full-fledged delirious screaming toddler sometimes you just want to scream too, LOL.
For me, it can be really stressful when trying to get out of the house in the morning for work with my little toddler. This morning was a rough morning for me; my toddler was testing me. Who Am I kidding-Kodie is always testing me! Every day is a test, sometimes multiple times a day! After getting myself and Kodie fully dressed, I told Kodie to sit on the pot. He sat on the pot and insisted that he did not need to use the bathroom, however minutes later while brushing his teeth he decided that he was just going to “pee on himself” and that’s what he did! When he first told me that he peed I just knew that he was playing with me, LOL! Well the joke was on me because he did actually pee on himself! His clothes were completely soaked in urine and I was already running late and I just wanted to scream! After changing Kodie’s entire outfit, we finally managed to make it out of the house and I was only a little late for work.
Motherhood is happening for you and not to you. To me this means that although being a mother can be really challenging it’s not meant to harden or bring out the worst in you, in fact it’s supposed to empower you and push you to be the best version of yourself. Motherhood is happening for you….for most women once you become a mother you actually become less selfish and self- absorbed. You realize that the world does not revolve around you. Most mothers are actually better people post motherhood. Motherhood is not happening to you….In spite of all of the craziness and madness your child is not out to drive you crazy because they actually really do love you, sometimes they just don’t know how to show it, LOL. The beautiful part of motherhood is watching the little person that you helped create become his or her own person with their own likes, dislikes, and opinions.
“Motherhood is a monumental event”!-Monumental Moms
Kristle- A monumental mom

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