img_2354Life is often a series of trials, and over time we get savvy at maneuvering through those highs and lows. We convince ourselves that we have unbreakable faith, because we’ve managed to stay on course. Then a life altering event hits us, and our faith is tested. All of a sudden, prayer, patience, and peace become very hard things to conquer. We try to pray, but it feels as if there is no answer. We attempt to be patient, but every 5 minutes we’re searching for our resolution in the form of a miracle that hasn’t arrived yet. It is then that peace becomes just a distant memory for most of us.

It’s easy to have faith during regular days, and even when things get a little rocky. However, the true test of that faith comes when you are scared out of your mind and fearful that there is no solution in sight. It’s then that you need the faith of a mustard seed. You don’t have to be perfect in it, you just have to trust, and believe it. You must surrender yourself, to knowing that God will see you through.

So this week, as stressors arise, smile and move forward. Smile, because you know that you have prayed and that your prayers are soon going to move mountains. Have the faith of a mustard seed, Monumental Moms!

– Kristina

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