When I became a wife, like most women I was on cloud nine. I was ready to be whatever a wife was supposed to be, but that was the problem! Again, like most women, I truly had no idea what a wife was supposed to be. When you get married, no one gives you a manual of what you are supposed to do, how you’re supposed to handle situations, or of all the things you shouldn’t do. Marriage is truly a day-by-day learning process and sometimes the learning curve can be slow. No manual exists that can teach any of us how to be a wife, because being a wife is different for each women, and every household.

Being a wife has been one of the most interesting and amazing experiences. I’ve learned so much about myself as a person, woman, and partner. Things I said I would never do, I’ve done and found the blessings in them. I’ve learned firsthand as a wife that becoming two is so much more than just saying vows, wearing rings, and living together. Merging yourself with another person is a process, and takes the ability to be able to truly surrender apart of yourself to your other half. In my three years of marriage, I’ve learned what it means to be selfless, supportive, and prayerful.

Wife hood is a rollercoaster. On it, you figure out how to hold on when you truly want to lose it all. When your husband has forgotten the most important things that you asked him to do, and your kids are acting like maniacs, you’re somehow keeping it all together! It’s in that moment that you learn to adapt, and to take on the lows and highs. Some days you will love him like you did on the day you said I do, and others, you will want to intact the “till death do us part,” part quickly. Most importantly, you learn to laugh and enjoy the ride. You start smiling at the simplest of things and finding happiness in the craziest of moments. The only difference with marriage and a rollercoaster is that you can’t get off. It’s a permeant ride, so sit back, buckle up, place your hands securely on bar, and prepare to fly!

As the months go on, Kristal and I, hope to share our greatest moments in marriage and tackle some of the struggles that we all encounter as well. We are Monumental Moms and Wives!

-Kristina “The Wednesday Wife”


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