In my opinion, life is a continuum of tests. Motherhood is a test, marriage is a test, and even death is a test. As soon as you pass or fail one, the next test arises. Some of the tests are easy to pass and some will test everything that you have ever believed in; whether it’s your religion or spirituality, your faith in people, your patience-or lack thereof, your endurance and resiliency. Some tests that come your way may almost break you and those that don’t manage to break you will change you into an entirely different person.

Life is really hard sometimes. I often wonder when I see homeless people or people with true mental health illness, if life broke them. I never realized how many people are in a constant state of emotional pain until I lost my mother. I realized then that there are so many sad and hurt people. No wonder there is so much chaos in the world! And when something bad really happens you are expected to just get over it, move on and pretend that everything is ok! Although life has a tendency to literally shake the hell out of you sometimes, the important part is that we keep going, one day at a time. People often make plans for weeks or months down the line; I guess at some point I may have been one of those people, but now, I literally take it one day at a time. Sometimes baby steps are better than no steps at all. My mother was a fighter to the end, so I know she wouldn’t want me or my sister to be any other way.

We have no control over the majority of things that happen to us. We don’t know what tomorrow holds or the next week, but the one thing that we can control is how we react to those things. So when life knocks you down, and trust me it will, just remember to get back up and take baby steps one day at a time.

Kristle~a Monumental Mom!

“When there is darkness there is still light.”

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