Welcome to the New Year, Monumental Moms!!! As this year gets started, we just wanted to offer you 12 ways to be an even more amazing mom this year!!

    1.Be silly more: we get so caught up in the day to day hustle, that we forget to cut  lose and be silly with our little ones. They love seeing mom make funny faces and to roll around the with them.

  1. Celebrate something different this year: maybe Valentine Day is not your thing, but it could be a fun time to do crafts with the kids or to teach them about something different.
  1. Plan a vacation somewhere new: kids love visting new places and trying new things. This year find somewhere new and exciting to go. Kids love road trips, boats, planes, and trains.
  1. Find a new game to play: new games, teach new things. Create or purchase a new game, that you can enjoy together.
  1. Clear out the old stuff: kids grow fast, so managing clutter is a must. Clear out old clothes, shoes, and toys. It will save you space and stress!
  1. Go on adventures together: exploring and discovering new things is one of the best ways to build a bond. Go out as often as you can; hike new trials, visit new museums, go to new parks, or just explore nature.
  1. Be more understanding: as Moms and adults, we don’t always understand the things that seem small to us, but are big to them. Try to be more understanding of their needs, wants, and fears.
  1. Add new reading material to your home library: a new year, means your child is getting older, and is eager to learn about new things. Reading is one of the most important things to do with your little one, so take out a little more time, to read together.
  1. Eliminate a bad behavior: our children aren’t perfect and can all improve. This year, work on eliminating at least one of their negative behaviors. Address the behavior, and be firm about resolving it.
  1. Take out some time for Daddy too: as Moms, we get so caught up in our little ones, that we forget our Big one!! Daddy’s/Husbands, are like kids too. They need just as much love and affection. Don’t forget to love on them a little extra as well.
  1. Say “yes,” to yourself more: set the money aside for hair and nail appointments. Go to see movies you like alone, have more girls nights, and treat yourself more. If you lose you, you lose part of what makes you the great mom that you are. A happy you, equals a happy everyone else!
  2. Pray More: Prayer helps us Moms to keep our sanity, to worry less, and to have inner peace.


Kristina – Kristopher’s Mom

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