Although I only have one child, I have done extensive research on the pros and cons of any only children versus children with siblings, LOL. I happen to also have two sisters, so I have experienced some of the pros and cons of being a sibling. In addition, I have two nephews so I am able to regularly observe their interactions first hand and it’s pretty hilarious. I’ve also talked to Moms with more than one child and they have shared their opinions. Below are some pros and cons that I have come up with for only children versus children with siblings based on my research and experience.
• They entertain each other.
• They love each other. A lot. It’s very touching to see the love that siblings can have for one another.
• They have a built-in friend, making them less likely to crave social acceptance and less dependent on outside friendships.
• They have someone to play with other than their parents.
• They can bug their sibling instead of yelling mom every two minutes, which is especially helpful if the sibling is a few years older.
• As parents age and/or become sick, siblings can burden the responsibility of caring for them together instead of alone.
• If the child is needy, they can be needy with their sibling.
• If you are the older sibling then you get better stuff and a bigger room LOL.
• There is never a dull moment.
• You need at least two of everything.
• Your attention will be divided between the two a lot of times.
• Being a strong multi-tasker is a MUST.
• It can be very costly since there is double the expense for everything.
• You can’t buy something for one child without the other.
• They fight. They fight a lot.
• My nephews fight constantly even though they are four years apart.
• The older sibling gets better stuff and a bigger room.
• There is never a dull moment.
Although, I am not yet the mother of two children, based on my research and experience, the pros of siblings greatly outweigh the cons.

From a Mom of two: I think giving your child the gift of a sibling is one of the best gifts you can give them. It definitely comes with challenges, however, when you see the love that they can have on another, that in itself makes it worth it.

~Kristle~Kodie’s Mommy

One thought on “Only Child Versus Siblings

  1. I am an only child and it was very lonely. The good thing about it is that you get EVERYTHING. There’s no fighting over anything because everything is yours. You get all the attention. But I never wanted to just have one child, I always wanted more than one just so that they’d have someone to play with.

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