Before this year comes to an end, we wanted to thank everyone who has read our weekly post and our motivational Monday post, liked and followed us on Facebook and Instagram, and anyone that has supported us. When we first ventured out to start Monumental Moms we had no idea what we would talk about, doubted that people would follow us, and couldn’t figure out when we were going to find time to write anything with careers, husbands, and toddlers! Honestly, I don’t think that we still really know how we get it all done, but we do. If I had to select one reason why we push through with posts, motivation, funny memes, etc., it would be because we love Monumental Moms. Over this year, it has become our extra child. We enjoy being able to touch the lives of others through sharing our stories and thoughts. If we just have one follower, that’s one life that we are speaking to in a positive way, and that’s what it’s all about.

For 2017, we hope to reach even more Monumental women, and to find some new ideas, topics, images, and quotes to post. More importantly, we hope to continue to inspire and motivate. We all have that day that we feel as if it’s all falling apart. Those moments where we aren’t sure if we should laugh or run for the hills! Being a woman is hard enough, but when you add being a wife and mother to your list, it gets even harder. Empowering each other is what will encourage many of us to apply for that promotion, try a new haircut, go on an adventure, love freely, laugh instead of crying, or try something new with our kids. We aim to be a network of strength and love!

This upcoming year, it’s our goal to share a little more of ourselves with all of you. We hope to add a “Wednesday Wife,” addition to our blogs. We’ve share the funny, horrific, and joyous moments of being mothers, but being a wife is just as entertaining, difficult, and amazing! It’s also our hope that in 2017, each of you will step outside of your comfort zone, and do something different, scary, or fun that you have been putting off. You may not get the immediate support, or increase that you would like from it, but the blessed feeling that it will give you for trying, will be enough!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!! 

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