There are so many highs and lows that come with parenthood. For me some of the lows consist of tantrums, sick babies and toddlers, and drum roll….the lack of sleep!!! The lack of sleep was one of the biggest lows for me. Nothing can prepare you for those first few months. During my delirium and exhaustion after Kodie, I would often think where is this baby’s mother? LOL! Then it would hit me that I was his mother so I didn’t have the option to give him to anyone else when he was crying and screaming, as I would with someone else’s baby. Sometimes I still think where is this boy’s mother LOL!

Some of the highs have been the unconditional love that my son has shown me once he’s done torturing me with his tantrums LOL! But seriously, I’ve never been loved the way that my son loves me. The endless hugs and kisses are awesome. On a bad day, even after he has driven me mad and I think that I’m about to go bat shit crazy, he will say something really sweet or funny that makes it all worth it. Some of the highs are also the conversations about Mickey Mouse, Spider Man, and him telling me that his dinasour is going to eat me, LOL.

Some of the lows are me not being able to use the bathroom by myself unless Kodie is sleep and the constant separation anxiety that he experiences and him yelling for me to come back every time I leave a room, LOL. Another high has been him walking around the house singing and dancing and then saying mommy I’m not singing or dancing, LOL! A low has also been the constant singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star because it’s stuck in my head and he will literally sing himself to sleep, LOL! Oh and another low is that he won’t get out of my bed! He has the audacity to say hi to his room and show me his Thomas the train bed that he refuses to sleep in!

We would love your feedback and would
like to hear some of your highs and lows of parenthood.

-Kristle (AKA Mommy Taylor)

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