The holidays are in full swing, and I’m sure each of your kids remind you of that everyday. It’s such an exciting time for both kids and adults. Christmas, has always been my favorite holiday!! This year is especially exciting, because my son is two years old, and loves Christmas. He talks abut Santa all day, every day. He reminds me every night, that he has been good, because he wants Santa to come visit him. When we go to the store, he searches for the toy section, so that he can show me all the toys that Santa is going to bring him. Christmas is a lot more than toys and Santa though. Christmas is a great time for bonding activities and having a little extra fun with the kids.

One of the best things about Christmas, is traditions. I wanted to share a few of my family traditions, and I encourage readers to share your traditions with us as well. Motherhood/Parenthood, is a community. We have so much that we can learn from each other.

1. Elf on a shelf –
Last year, social media seemed to erupt with this little Elf. I remember thinking…. what is an Elf on the Shelf about? Then, I started conversing with other moms and learned all about the tradition of the Elf on the Shelf.

How it works:

So, basically, “The Elf on the Shelf,” is a helper of Santa who reports to him if your child has been naughty or nice. He comes after Thanksgiving, and stays until Christmas Eve, when he returns home with Santa. When your kids fall asleep, you move him to other places in their room, or around the house. Social Media, has shown all the fun that can happen with this little elf. Sometimes, he becomes a little mischievous himself.

2. Unwrapping 24 gifts before Christmas

It’s a simple, but fun and educational tradition. You purchase 24 new books for you little one, and wrap each one. Every night before bed, you allow your child to select one gift to open. Once they open the book, you two now have a new bedtime story to read together that night.


3. Christmas Eve Box

The “Christmas Eve Box,” is full of Christmas Eve goodies. In my son’s box, I place a pair of Christmas PJ’s, slippers, a book, and this year I added a movie. You can add some popcorn as well, to pop when you watch the movie together. What better way to get your little one to sleep on such an exciting night?!? A good book and movie will surely having them drifting off in their new PJ’s!!


(2015 Christmas Eve box)

4. Christmas countdown

You can purchase, or make a Christmas countdown board, tree or whatever else, of your choice. We have a tree, and each day we move the Christmas marker to a new space. We are counting our way up to 1 more day!!!


5. Mommy Gift:

I saved the best for last!!! All year moms run around taking their family here and there, and we often spend our last dime on our family without thinking. When Christmas comes we go into buying mode, and get everything we can for those we love, but don’t forget yourself moms!!! Yes, I know money is tight, and you could buy the kids those cool tennis, or your hubby that new tie, but don’t! I’m sure that they all have enough. Take some money and treat yourself to something that only you can use and makes you happy. You deserve it, and you have earned it Mom!!!


I hope you try at least one of our traditions, and share one as well! Happy Holidays Monumentals!!

Kristina -Kristopher’s Mom

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