When a woman becomes a mother, there are so many dramatic changes that happen all at once! If you breastfeed you are literally a milk machine, LOL. Your hormones are completely out of whack. You can be happy one moment and then find yourself weeping the next moment over the smallest thing. Your skin changes due the hormones. Some people lose their hair. Your breasts become huge, especially if you breastfeed! I can go on and on, LOL.

After I had Kodie, I realized that my life had changed 1000 percent overnight and although I wasn’t the woman that I once was, I felt empowered. I felt that if I could have a baby I could do anything! It’s important to get your sexy back after becoming a mom, not just for your spouse but for you as well!

Below are some tips that new moms, whether it’s your first or third baby, should follow in order to look and feel good for yourself!

Get a new hair style-The bolder the better! Get out of your box, you just had a human you can do it, LOL! Color it or cut it! It’s just hair but it makes a huge difference in your appearance!

Ditch the maternity clothes-Even if you can’t fit anything in your closet, don’t wear those maternity clothes anymore! They don’t make you feel sexy and besides you’re no longer pregnant! If you have to buy clothes that you can fit even if you’re not at your ideal weight, it’s ok. You want to feel good about yourself, even when running errands.

Buy a sexy dress-No I’m not crazy, LOL. Find something that flatters the new you.
Have a Date Night with your spouse-Wear your sexy new dress! You can wear spandex or shape wear to suck everything in! You and your significant other have just gone through a whirl wind. Have grandma or someone babysit for a few hours. Men often feel neglected when the baby gets all of your time and attention. In addition, it’s important to connect as a couple.

If  you are in a rut get out of it! Get in the habit of dressing yourself while on maternity leave even if you are just sitting in the house. If you feel fancy you can put on a little make-up LOL! This will do wonders for your confidence. Also, your spouse will still be attracted to you even with the spit up in your hair. LOL!

Kristle-Kodie’s Mommy

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