Reading has always been a huge part of my life. Being able to sit down and get lost in the pages of a book is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world to me. As a little girl, I remember going into my mom’s room, and nagging her to play with me. I would always had to ask twice, because she would never hear me the first time. She would be so into whatever book she was reading, that she could tone the entire house out. I would ask again, and she would ask me to let her read just one more page before she would play with me. Once I got older…… when I would peek into her room, and see her reading one of her V.C Andrews, or Steven King books, I would hurry into my room, and quickly find a book of my own to curl up and read next to her.  It’s because of her that I fell in love with reading.

Technology has come along, and changed so much. Where all you needed was a book and a little book light, you now need a tablet, and charger to read. Where we once took trips to the library, we now just log on, and click. I have a Nook, and a tablet. I’ll admit that it’s great to have tons of books at my figure tip. However, the experience is different. More importantly, it’s confusing to my son. At first glance he wouldn’t know if I was playing a game, watching a movie, or on Youtube. I believe that technology has raised our children enough. So, I have decided, that as convenient as my “Readers” are, I want my child to see me reading actual books.

To assist with feeding his eager and growing mind, I buy him tons of books that we read daily. I take him for evenings out at Barnes and Nobles, and to libraries. By doing that, I’m not just introducing books to him, but teaching him how to be calm, when to use his inside voice, and how to have fun without running all over the place. As a working mom, it’s nearly impossible to take my son to story time at a library, because they are typically held during morning hours. Our culture is changing, and I want to expose him to the parts that may no longer exist as the years move forward.


I have recently started back purchasing actual books. Books with covers, pages, and words that we can touch. He sees me take time for myself to read almost every day. I hope that my son will continue to love reading as he gets older, and that we can countinue to share many more wonderful reading times together.

Read to your kids Monumental Moms, and make sure that they see you reading just as much. Remember… they rarely do what we say, but almost always repeat what they see us do.

“There are many little ways to enlarge your world.  Love of books is the best of all.” –                                                      Jacqueline Kennedy
Kristopher’s Mommy, Kristina



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