There is never a dull moment with a toddler around. These days, Kodie plays entire baseball and football games all by himself! He will start out playing football and finish the game with a home run, LOL. Sometimes, he will include me in the games but mostly in the middle. He will randomly yell for me to catch the ball, even if I have no free hands so I’m constantly ducking and dodging random balls. The toddler tantrums have definitely reached their peak! Toddlers and their tantrums go hand in hand. Lately, Kodie has been having tantrums about the craziest things!

This morning Kodie had a 30 minute tantrum and refused to walk downstairs because he wanted me to pick his blanket up off the floor. It was too hard for him to bend over and do it himself, LOL. I’m sure my neighbors thought that someone was torturing him, smdh! He screamed and yelled for me to pick his blanket up over and over again! I ignored him and ate my bagel and drank my coffee in peace, LOL! I was finally able to convince him to come downstairs for breakfast but guess what…? The blanket remained in the floor! Ten points for Mommy! I just refused to give in to his demands!

While I was driving on the highway last week, a tantrum broke out of nowhere! Kodie got upset because he was finished with his cup and wanted me to magically pull over and take his cup from him. I explained that I was driving and pointed to the cars. Well he still yelled and screamed that he was done with his cup while also telling me that I wasn’t driving but he was driving, LOL! He kept saying “No, I’m driving mommy take my cup.”

Lately, Kodie has been asking, no actually, demanding to go to the market. When I asked him what he planned to get from the market he said a football. After I told him that they don’t sell footballs at the market and they only food, he proceeded to argue with me and told me otherwise, LOL. I guess after he thought it through and figured out that I knew what I was talking about he said he wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the market!

Last night Kodie asked if I was hungry and I said sure. He said that he was going to make me some chicken. Once he was done cooking he said “here eat it”. I pretended to taste the items that were in his bucket and said “wow, that’s some good chicken!” He looked at me like I was crazy and said that it’s not chicken it’s a blanket, LOL! I said I know, but you said that you were cooking chicken! He said no I’m not cooking, so I said OK. Five minutes later he said “here taste this” I said “no, I don’t want it”, LOL. He then tried to force feed me with his wet nasty blanket that had been in his mouth saying “eat the chicken, eat the chicken.”

-Kristle….Kodie’s Mommy!

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