Sorry, for the delay Monumentals!!!

To put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.

Ephesians 4:22-24

The hardest habits to break are the bad ones, they are usually the ones that we have an abundance of, and that we are the most attached to. It’s difficult to break a habit that you have been repeating over, and over again. We all have a few bad habits, wether they are eating poorly, not exercising, over spending, lieing, selecting the wrong significant others, biting nails, smoking, drinking, cursing, procrastinating, etc. Bad habits, exist in each of our lives. Every year, New Years arrives and we start making resolutions to break those habits; as if New Years holds a magical power over our habits. The only person that can break them, is ourselves. We have to stand up, and decide to live better, and to be better. Habits, hold us hostage. They force us to run in the same circles, and can prevent us from living to our full potential.

This week, let’s write down our habits and begin to elimintate them one, by one! We have no need to wait until the new year, our birthday, or until the holidays are over. We must start today. To start, we must set a plan, commit to it, and starting working at it each day.

“Your net worth in the world is usually determined by what remains after you’re bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”


Kristopher’s Mommy, Kristina

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