These days I don’t get a lot of time to myself but when I do it’s kind of a big deal LOL. As women and moms it’s imperative that we take care of ourselves. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself!

Here are some of my favorite indulgences that I like to do when I get a little time to myself.
Coffee-A nice warm cup of coffee makes me happy.

Naps– I really miss naps LOL! It’s the little things in life that count.

Eating without sharing-I love food…I’m a bit of a foodie so for me it’s stressful to have to sneak to eat my favorite food and snacks! I don’t always want to share with Kodie and Keith so when I get to eat without sharing it makes me happy!
A glass of wine-This comes in handy when I have a really long and stressful day at work. It helps me to unwind.
Reading-It relaxes me and allows me to use my imagination.

Relaxing baths in the Jacuzzi-Candles, bubbles, and a Jacuzzi what’s not to love!


Date night or time alone with the hubby-As a couple it’s important to take time to reconnect.

Happy Hour with friends-It’s nice to have some adult time with adult conversations. It’s even better with good food and drinks! Everyone needs a break sometimes!

Massages-So relaxing! No explanation necessary!!! (Groupon has awesome deals on these).


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