Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.                                                                                                              1 Timothy 4:12

One of the most difficult things to be is an example for others. People take on the role as if it’s so simple, but it’s not. When you step into a leadership position or declare to be a good example of something, people start watching you. Their expectations began to grow. They will begin to assess your every move. Do not allow their expectations to discourage or anger you, because it’s a part of the job. As wives, mothers, friends, aunts, mentors, employees, and any other title that we take on, we have responsibilities. We have a job to behave well in all environments. So whether you’re at Church, the market, work, happy hour, or home, always carry yourself as a woman of dignity that deserves the highest respect. When we carry ourselves in such a manner, people have no choice but to admire and honor the woman we are.

As we each proceed throughout this week, please remember that others are always watching. Allow them to watch you do marvelous things. Let others see the greatness in you. This week, show the world what a wonderful example you are!

“I just feel that the only power I have is setting a good example”

                                                            Geri Halliwell


Kristopher’s Mom – Kristina

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