Having a baby is by far one of the most exciting, exhilarating, terrifying, and joyous occasions that a woman will experience! Nothing compares to the moment when your baby is born, but there are also many unknowns for women who have never experienced labor. You hear all of these stories but you don’t really know what to expect.

➢ The pain was unimaginable for me…even with the epidural that crap hurt!!!! (every woman’s pain threshold is different).

➢ It takes a long, long, long time! I was in labor for about 13 ½ hours. It could have been much worse but it still seemed like the baby was never going to come. On the other hand my sister’s delivery experience with my first nephew was horrendous!!! She was about 4 or 5 days overdue. It was soooo hot due to it being the beginning of August and she was downright miserable! We went to the hospital on a Tuesday morning for her to be induced and she didn’t have him until around 10pm Wednesday night. My sister ended up needing a C-section after being in labor for two days because she could not dilate past 5 centimeters. When my mother had my sister, she was in labor for 24 hours and the doctors had to use forceps because my sister’s head was so big LOL. However; my mother said that she was only in labor with me for 45 minutes and when she went to the hospital it was too late for an epidural because it was time to push.

➢ You can’t eat…at all!!! I found this to be one of the most disturbing parts about labor. I discovered this when my sister was in labor with her kids; it was torture! I ate a piece of pie on the way to the hospital while in labor. Immediately after I delivered Kodie, my sister fed me a subway sandwich while Kodie laid on my chest and the doctors were still working on me LOL.

➢ Sometimes there are no false alarms…I woke up in labor with Kodie around 5am. The contractions were MUCH, MUCH different from the Braxton hicks contractions that I had been having all day the day before. Those things hurt so badly! I went to the doctor’s the day before (Tuesday) evening for my doctor’s appointment and the doctor told me that I was 2 centimeters dilated which I had been since the previous week, but he also told me that my cervix was completely thinned out and that the Braxton hicks contractions were actual contractions just more sporadic. The doctor told me to call when the contractions were about 10 minutes apart. The next morning I woke in excruciating pain! I don’t think I even timed the contractions because I was in so much pain! When I called the doctor they told me to come to the hospital to be checked out. At first, the nurse told me that since it was my first baby it was probably false labor and I would likely going back home. She told me to take a warm bath and that normally would stop the contractions. I guess another reason why the nurse thought that it was a false alarm was because my due date was either February 23rd or March 1st I still don’t know which date was accurate to this day, LOL! The date was February 5th and Kodie was considered to be a late-preterm baby (they even gave me a book on how to care for a late pre-term). Once they hooked me up to the monitors, my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I was 3 centimeters dilated. The nurse started rubbing my shoulder and she said you’re in early labor and you’re going to have a baby today! I was so scared and nervous. My husband Keith immediately started pacing the floor and making phone calls. He was more nervous than me!

➢ Having a baby is like having an outer body experience! I literally felt like I was watching a movie. Everything seemed so surreal! Once Kodie was born, I was in utter disbelief that I actually gave birth to a person. Kodie came out crying really loud hence his nick name Mr. Lungs! The doctor laid him on my chest and I started talking to him and he stopped crying.

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