Every morning as I get dressed for work, I think…..”In my next life, I’m going to be a stay at home mom.” It’s kind of a funny thought for me, because I never thought that I would ever want to be one. It’s not that I think being a stay at home mom is easy, I just admire the extra time they get to send with their children. I watched my mom be a stay at home mom until I was in the sixth grade, and it was never a job that I wanted. It’s just that, as a working mom, obtaining balance between work and home can be tough and stressful.

I want to be a stay at home mom for just one reason; I want more time with my son. When I think of my childhood, I’m blessed to have a lot of great memories. I remember my mom attending the majority of my elementary school trips with me. I remember the show-and-tell when she brought my dog in for me share with my classmates. Whenever I got sick, I remember her right at my bedside nursing me back to health. When I got home, she was the first smiling face that I saw, and I appreciated that growing up. I have a lot of fond memories from my childhood, because of my mother being at home. I was able to watch her take care of our entire family, daily. Our house was never messy, and things were always well put together. I would love to be that mom, but the working mom life doesn’t easily permit that.

My son is still small, l so I haven’t had to miss any trips yet, but I dread the days where my schedule won’t allow me to just jump on the bus with him and go. I want to be the mom that volunteers in the class alot and assists with PTA. I want to be the mother that packs everyone’s lunch and takes care of everyone when they’re sick. However, that’s hard to do when balancing the demands of a job. On the mornings that Kristopher wakes up sick, I feel horrible as well. There are times that I am able to stay home, and other times I am not. Thankfully, I have people who are able to step in and help out, but regardless if he’s with my mom, husband, or sister, it’s not me! As his mom, I want to be there with him. I trust that he’s in good hands, but I wish that they were my own.

I know being a stay at home is not easy. Most stay at home moms work extra hard making sure everyone’s needs are met and often neglect their own. As a working mom, I enjoy making my own money and I like the adult time that I get at work. It’s the extra hurdles as a working mom that make things problematic. I find it hard to build up my leave like I did before becoming a mother. I frequently go into work sick, to save my leave for when my son falls ill. I also hate the looks and side comments from coworkers when I sometimes have to leave early to pick him up. Every moment at home feels accounted for as a working mom. We still have all of the same responsibilities as a stay at home, with less time to do them

I’m sure that we would all like to trade places or do something a little different, but until we strike it rich, we just have to continue to do what works best for our individual families! To all my Monumental Working Moms out there, stay strong and continue to be the awesome working moms that you are!

Kristopher’s Mom

2 thoughts on “Working Mom Blues

  1. I was a sahm last year and have returned to work, teaching, this year. Oh boy did I need to read your blog today. Everyday leaving my kids is the hardest thing, especially when they are crying for me not to leave and I’m crying cause I don’t wanna leave either. Thank you for sharing your heart! You’re doing it! Being a working mom is tough, but our kids will also benefit from us working. Keep it up! You’re amazing!

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    1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. It’s tough out here for moms trying to provide the best life possible for our kids. We have to keep trusting our decisions, and motivating other moms along the way!!! Thanks again!!!


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