The other day, I had a very interesting conversation with Kristopher. As always, right before bedtime, he has to pee and poo. It’s interesting to me that he doesn’t remember that at any other time of the day; well, unless he wants a sticker. He will gladly hop on the pot when he wants a sticker. This particular evening, while he’s sitting on the pot, he asks for his pot book. Once he received it, he opens it and flips up all the flaps to laugh at all of the funny sounds. Of course, one minute into being on the pot and doing absolutely nothing, he wants toilet paper to wipe his butt and to flush the toilet. Once I explain three times that he can’t do either of those things until he poops or pees, he goes back to looking at his book. I point out all of the big boys using the bathroom on the pot and ask him if he’s going to be a big boy like them. He looks up at me with a big grin and says, “No, Mommy, I told you that I don’t want to be a big boy!” I start naming all of his big boy friends that use the bathroom and point at each of the big boys on their pot. I ask him where do they each use the bathroom and he replies, “On the pot.” I tell him how cool it would be if he did too, and he suddenly the big smile disappears and he replies, “No, not cool.” However, he continues tell me that he likes wearing Pampers. I correct him and tell him that he wears Pullups. He corrects me and says, “No, Nommy, they are Pampers that you pull up.” At this point, I understand that I am totally losing the battle, so when he changed the topic, I was a little relieved.

Thankfully, the next page contained pictures of boys in underwear. Kristopher liked the idea of underwear for about ten minutes. After ten minutes of wearing underwear, he will ask me to put his Pamper on, and I’ll refuse. He will then go find a Pullup, take the underwear off, and place his Pullup on himself. As we are looking at the book together, I start talking about all the cool character underwear that big boys get to wear. I’m still training myself to say “underwear” and not “panties.” I’m a girly girl, so “panties” are much more natural for me to say than “underwear,” but for him, I try to remember to say “underwear.” On this day, I slipped and said “panties” and he was right on it! He said, “Mommy, boys wear underwear.” I asked him why, and was totally unprepared for the answer. He explained to me that boys underwear have a “Wee Wee pocket,” where their penis goes. He further educated me that boys underwear have “Wee Wee holders.” I asked him what a “Wee Wee holder” was, and he told me “A pocket to hold his penis.” I’m sure the look on my face was priceless. I have no idea where he gets this stuff from, but I guess he’s right about that one. So, since then, we have agreed a little more about him wearing underwear, because he wants his “Wee Wee” to be in pocket! Monumental moms, I’m going to need some monumental help raising this little boy!

Kristopher’s Mom


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