I often find myself wondering, “What has happened to my baby?” What happened to the little guy who just wanted to cuddle and be tickled? Where is the little one who needed his mommy to feed him his meals and was easy-going? Now, I have a two year old who acts fourteen most days!!! It’s funny how crazy things seemed back then in comparison to now. How I had to learn to feed, bathe, and dress both of us every morning. It wasn’t hard, but it took some organization and scheduling. Now, I long for those days. What seemed a little hectic then, feels really simple now! Feeding, bathing, changing, and dressing a child that didn’t talk, run away, or refuse was a piece of cake, compared to wrestling with a two year old.

I now have a little boy who changes his mind fifty times in one minute. One who loves broccoli today and hates it tomorrow, who doesn’t want to poop in the pot, but is too busy to go to the toilet on his own. I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening at first, but I quickly realized that I had a toddler who secretly morphed into a teen.

The signs:

1. He wants to select his own clothes:

Where we simply used to just get dressed, it’s not that easy any more. My two year old has days that he doesn’t want to wear the tie up laced up sneakers, but prefers the ones with Velcro straps. He has other days that the blue shirt just doesn’t work, because he wants to wear a swim top. Somedays he will want to wear a hoodie, but no coat and just one sock.

2. Requests my credit card:

Yes, my two year old thinks that my bank card is the answer to everything. No more Goldfish……. get mommy’s credit card. I want this truck…… “Use your credit card, Mommy.” “Mommy, are we going to get gas and use your credit card?” I have no idea where he gets this stuff from, but he has a good understanding of how money and bank cards work. He just needs a job to make his own money.

3. Eats all your food :

My two year old eats like a grown man. He leaves daycare, and after having breakfast, lunch and two snacks, he still wants more food. He’ll eat his food AND mine too (because mommy’s food always seems to taste better, even though it’s the same as his).  Just like a teen he could live off of pizza every day without blinking.

4. Catches attitudes quickly :

We struggle with his unpredictable changes in attitude. One moment he’s laughing hysterically at something,and the next he’s upset because he ate his last grape. Like most teens, his attitude changes as quickly as the wind.

5. Hates mornings:

A year ago Kristopher could smell me wake up somehow and would be right up with me. Now, the same little boy that didn’t want to go to sleep the night before, hates waking up. He hides under the covers, tells me he’s still sleeping, and once he’s up, starts having one hundred different ailments. His head will hurt, his arm has been broken, he needs medicine, his nose sometimes falls off, and a ton of other things. Just like the average teenager, he avoids mornings like the plague, unless it’s the weekend, or if he’s going somewhere fun that day. Weekends and activity mornings, he’s up dragging me out of bed at the crack of dawn.

So if you’re struggling with a toddler-teen at home, know that you are not alone. I don’t have any solutions, but I’ll pray for you!

Kristopher’s Mom

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