Toddlers are funny and unpredictable little people. From one moment to the next you never know what to expect. Kodie can literally be crying and whining about something and then all of a sudden he will break out laughing. The drama in our household over the last week or so has been shadows. Kodie is scared to death of his shadow and it’s hilarious to me! This little boy so aggressive and is not afraid of anything or anyone. He has no issues when it comes to fighting and standing up to kids that are bigger than him, which aren’t hard to find because he’s a little thing LOL. He is downright petrified of his own shadow! There have been times that he actually cried real tears because the shadow would not leave him alone and because the shadow was chasing him LOL. I’ve tried explaining to him that it’s his own reflection and that’s why the shadow is following him but he does not want to hear it!


Kodie has told me several times that the shadow has hit him LOL. He cries, kicks, and screams when the shadow touches him screaming “mommy, get the shadow!” I’ve tried talking to the shadow saying “leave Kodie alone shadow, LOL” and when that didn’t work, Kodie has tried to face the shadow on his own by telling the shadows to leave him alone and even attempting to hit them, but of course the shadow doesn’t go away. Last night he was yelling at the shadow saying leave me alone and I told Kodie to stop yelling at the shadow because “he” yes “he” hasn’t done anything to him. Sometimes I think I’m as crazy as him LOL.


I have found that his fears of shadows are only intensified when he is tired, so when bedtime rolls around it’s double the fun LOL. I’m now dealing with a tired and irrational toddler who runs from himself LOL. This morning he and I were arguing because he would not walk down the steps because the shadow was following him. In order to avoid being late for work, I had to carry him down the steps. After the shadow drama this morning, as I was holding the front door open for him to walk out of the house he had to stop and say goodbye to his football, baseball, Mickey Mouse which he calls (Dickey Mouse), and several other toys. He also had to kiss his toys goodbye and I had to say bye to them as well, LOL.


-Kristle (Kodie’s mommy)
Please feel free to share some of your own funny stories with us!

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