imageBecoming a Mom is a monumental event!
You’re the most important person in the world to your baby. My mother told me that shortly after I had Kodie. Those words would often comfort me on those really crazy long days. When I had my son, a new woman was born-not by choice but by force LOL. It’s definitely a life changing event. It’s an emotional roller coaster and change is scary but beautiful. My husband (Keith) recently looked at me and said that I had matured. He said that he has watched me grow and change from the woman that I was when we first started dating eight years ago to the woman that I am now. He looked at me with pride in his eyes and he said you have evolved your now a mature woman…and I said are you calling me old…LOL? He said no you have matured…you have grown up. I said with pride I’m a mother….Kodie’s mother and we both laughed.

As women we have so many roles: cook, drill sergeant (LOL), chauffeur, professional organizer, schedulers, cleaning woman, mom, wife, etc. These days, women not only manage a household but also work outside of the house. At work I wear many hats depending on the day from counselor, probation officer, social worker, psychologist, professional baby sitter and the list goes on and on. I’ll admit, before I became a mom and I met women who were stay at home moms, It seemed really simple and cool and I thought to myself that I could be a stay at home mom, however, when I was on maternity leave it felt like I was in a boot camp 101 for moms! People would say to me while on maternity leave” well at least you get time off after having the baby” and I would think “off? Really?” What does that mean?! There’s no such thing as “off” as a mom! It’s literally a 24 hour around the clock job! I was ready to go back to work just to get a break, LOL! To my dismay, there was no time to chill and watch TV.

I literally had a baby human attached to my breast every hour on the hour! People said sleep when the baby sleeps so I tried but it’s like each time I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep he would wake up. I think that Kodie’s goal in life those first few months was to break me, LOL! When he was down he would cry and scream! I was too overwhelmed to cook so I didn’t eat (I wasn’t that good at multitasking at first). I quickly learned in boot camp 101 for moms, (maternity leave), that as a mother multitasking is essential and I was forced to rise to the occasion!

In short, I respect and appreciate all moms. It’s like being part of a community and a society within itself. Since becoming a mom I can definitively say that there is no thing as “just a mom” or” just a stay a home mom”. Moms are the equivalent to Super Heroes without sleep!

~Kristle…..Kodie’s Supermom

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