Screenshot_2016-05-08-00-57-191. Endless Kisses

It’s impossible to feel unloved or unappreciated with a toddler at home. They will kiss and hug you for no reason at all! Just random kisses throughout the day, that often include the last snack they ate. But, are always followed by the cutest smile ever.

2. New Adventures

I love doing new and exciting things with my son. I originally thought that I was introducing him new things, but quickly learned that I was experiencing new experiences as well. Being able to see the world through the eyes of a toddler is amazing.  Their laughter, excitement, and smile just captivates you. The simplest things are magnified when a 2 year old is involved. And, life somehow gets excitingly messier!

3. Unconditional Love

I’ve loved many people: parents, significant others, friends, etc. But, no love compares to the love that my child and I share. It is unique and mindblowing. It’s a bond that words can’t really describe. I mean, who else follows you to the bathroom? Lol. I see him and my whole word lights up. There is no other love quite like it.

4. Being able to care for someone

It’s seems like I’ve been caring for children all of my life. However, none of it adds up to the joy you get from caring for your own. I take pride in doing the smallest things for my son. It makes me feel alive and gives my life so much more meaning.

5. Becoming a better me

Motherhood, has taught me so much about myself. Waking up and seeing him every morning, pushes me to want more for not just myself, but for him. Being his mother has also taught me patience, gentleness, and given me strength. Oh, and how can I forget that I’ve learned how to be a superhero! I catch plates before they’re thrown off highchairs and my kisses heal boo boos! Who would have known that?

6. You smile even when you don’t want to

When I first had Kristopher, I was in a tremendous amount of pain. I had an emergency cesarean and a week later was back in the hospital for an additional week, having tubes placed into my stomach. Not to mention, I was hell bent on exclusively breastfeeding. Needless to say, pain was my daily friend. But, no matter what, when his little eyes met mines, I smiled. On rough days when I just want to kick and scream, the moment I see him, I put my mommy pants on and let the stress melt away.

7. Blessing of being able to watch him grow up

Everyday, I thank God. I have been blessed with the opportunity to watch my son learn something new, conquer a new fear, and overcome a past challenge. Watching children grow up, gives life meaning and hope. You know that through them, the world will be different, maybe a little weirder, but still different.

8. I’m on time more

Somehow, having an extra little person to take care of has made me a more timely person (crazy right). The before motherhood me was guaranteed to be late, no matter what! Yet, now I’m rarely late and somehow on time. Schedules, truly change lives!

9. Parties/creativity

I have to admit, I love to plan! I was a planner at heart before motherhood, but now I have the perfect excuse to plan… Kristopher! Yes, I will probably be one of those parents who throws a party every year! Call it over kill, call it excessive, call it what you want, but I love to party plan and there’s no better party than a kids party! Creative themes, bright colors and fun games.

10. There’s always an excuse to shop

I was worried about having a boy at first. Not because I wanted a girl, because I’ve always wanted a boy. But, because I didn’t think shopping for a boy would be fun. Boy, was I wrong!!! I love shopping for my little guy. And, despite what people say, there is plenty to buy….Hoodies, graphic tees, sweeters, cardigans, shorts, pants, and soooo much more. I love being a mommy, because I have a completely understandable reason to shop!

11. None Stop Laughter

As a mother, you laugh all the time. Sometimes, even when you shouldn’t. LOL. Since I became a mother, my life has been full of laughter, from funny faces, to hilarious sounds, and crazy dances. Through laughing with him, I believe that I get younger everyday.

# 12. My absolute favorite!!! Mother’s Day

I love being a mother, because I am finally able to be celebrated on Mother’s Day!! Yay!!!!!  For years, I questioned if I would be able to have a child, so I was unsure that I would ever be celebrated on Mother’s Day. I’ve dated men with children and married my husband, who has kids. However, I’ve never really been considered on Mother’s Day. I would be a liar to say that it didn’t hurt and that I wasn’t a little envious of other moms. However, when I had my son, it was offical. I was finally a mom and free to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Monumentals!!

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