Hello World!

I’m a 31 year old working mom, wife, and now blogger! I am also a Leo (lol). I have been married to my darling husband Keith for four years . My son Kodie is 2 years old. I consider myself to have a laid back disposition with a sarcastic undertone. I am also a girly girl! I love jewelry and shiny objects and purple is my favorite color. I enjoy reading thriller and mystery novels. I also enjoy watching reality shows and watching the cooking channel. I love food and coffee!!!

I always knew that I wanted to be a mom of at least one or two kids. These days I’m surrounded by boys, boys, boys! In addition to having a son, I have two wonderful nephews Charlie 8 and Caleb 4. I am constantly surrounded by toy cars, trucks, and basket balls!

I always wanted a girl so that I could dress her up and have a lifelong friend (Lol)……however, I wouldn’t trade my boy for the world! Becoming a mom is by far my greatest accomplishment. I’m very passionate about motherhood and I love spending quality time with my son. Time is definitely flying, so I am trying to get all of my hugs and kisses now before he gets too big lol.

A little about the hubby
My husband Keith is laid back but very loud. He enjoys hanging out in the man cave and listening to music and playing his play station. He enjoys grilling and drinking beer. He’s a typical man’s man lol. He also happens to be a great Dad. Kodie came along and now he is the light of his life! Kodie also happens to look just like him and nothing like me lol.
A little about Kodie (AKA Mr. Lungs)
Kodie is a typical boy! He is curious about everything and he is very rambunctious and loud!!! He’s loud like his dad lol! He enjoys singing, dancing, and playing. He is very talkative and playful! Overall he’s a very happy and loving little guy. His knick name is Mr. Lungs because when he was born he was only 6lbs 9oz but was soooo loud! In the hospital he actually got put out of the nursery because he was such a screamer lol!

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