Who Am I………

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

Who Am I…… over the past 3 years, I’ve asked myself that more than I ever did in my teens and 20’s. I went from being this on-the-go, nonstop woman/friend, to a wife and mother that rarely has time to read a book or call up a friend and talk. I decided to start my blog journey with this post, because it was one of my first personal hurdles as a new mom. Also, I want to encourage other new moms to embrace the woman that they are right now! Why? Its simple…. the  “now” you, is probably the best you that you’ve ever been!

We spend a number of years just being us, and one day we get pregnant and render our bodies over to a small being that we’ve never met, yet somehow already love. Then, nine months later, we give birth to the greatest gift ever. But, what you don’t realize is how much YOU will change. Your priorities are immediately altered, and your wants and needs suddenly take an unexpected turn. You have evolved without even planning it. Long nights at the club are now replaced with cuddling, reading books, cleaning and creating bedtime schedules. Your afternoons of chatting on the phone for hours are filled with learning time, dinner and watching Mickey Mouse for the 100th time. And, for working moms like me, your days were already stolen by your career. One day, you stop and realize that you are nothing like the woman you were before. You no longer care what your favorite star wore to her last concert or whose dating whom. And, you rarely have time to get all dolled up every morning. You are offically MOM!

This transformation happens quickly and is not easy. For a while I mourned her; the woman I had lost. I looked at old pictures and envied the well put together woman with perfect hair and bright eyes that looked as if she never missed a night of sleep. Yet, strangely, I mourned her more for others than for myself. I mourned her for those around me. The ones that consistently hinted at how much I had changed. The ones that I no longer had time to reach out to like I used to. The ones that could not understand the limited time that I now had. The ones that I cancelled outings with and was too tired to hit the mall with. The ones who hadn’t fallen for the new woman that I was. It hurt, and I couldn’t believe that one little person could create so much change. But, with time, I began to love her! All new moms are entitled to this mourning period, but please keep it brief!

Here’s the upside of all of this…… I’m (you’re) different, and that’s a good thing. Nothing that evolves stays the same. Growth is change. If you have experienced this too, more than likely you have stepped out of mediocrity and into phenomenal! As a new mom, I have learned how to better organize my life, prioritize myself, and even budget my money better. I’m happier and more settled into life. I’ve finally slowed down, and I no longer worry about who accepts me and who doesn’t. So now, when I wonder who I am, I smile because I know that I’m better than I’ve ever been.

Here’s a few tips for any new moms struggling with the new them:

1. Acceptance
Accept that you are different and embrace it. The harder you fight it, the more difficult it will become for you to settle into the new you.

2. Balance
Respect that there is a balance to everything, including motherhood. You can’t be the available person all of the time. You have to learn to prioritize and balance your obligations so that you can live peacefully.

3. Flexibility
Understand that you aren’t going to be able to do things the same way that you have before. Your schedule, surroundings, and even friends may change. Be open to new experiences, thinking processes, and friendships.

Overall, never doubt who you are, or resist the positive changes that are occurring in your life. You are exactly who you are supposed to be right now, and these (you) changes are needed to help you to be the greatest you possible. Embrace the change and love the new you! Thanks for reading!!!

Kisses and Smiles
Kristopher’s Mom (Kristina)

“I’ve found my balance….. I’m not losing myself in motherhood….. I’m redefining myself. I may not be exactly who I used to be, but be that’s OK. I’ve grown and become a better version of myself.”
                                                                                -Knoxville Moms blog

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”                                                                   -Osho

About Kristina…

Motherhood is like going to work for the first time for a company you’ve never heard of and have no idea how to run. However, I promise you that it will be the best job that you ever worked. You will love it so much that you will work it 24/7 for just bright smiles, snuggly hugs and juicy kisses!

Hi, I’m Kristopher’s mother. I use to be Kristina, but I stopped being her about 2 years ago! Once this little boy that I adore more than life itself arrived, it’s like Kristina checked out and Kristopher’s mother checked in. I’m sure it happens like that for many mothers Lol. I didn’t realize that I was known as Kristopher’s mother right away, it kind of just hit me one day. I walked into a room and was prepared to be greeted by everyone, but was immediately passed by to see Kristopher and when I was finally noticed…… it was a quick….. hi Kristopher’s mommy! Lol. As a Leo sign and youngest child you can only imagine the shock. Me…. miss center of attention was now downgraded!!! Lol. But, I love it! I absolutely love being Kristopher’s mother and now that I have this new light in my life, I don’t mind being his sidekick.

Believe it or not, I am alot more than just Kristopher’s mommy. I’m a still rather new wife. I’ve been married for almost 2 years to my husband. I have 2 stepchildren, a 16 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. I also have a nephew 20 and niece 9, that I’ve helped raise over the years. I work for law enforcement and I’m a very active friend. That’s just the quick and dry of me. But, I think that I really should be called……. Kristopher’s Supermom!!! Lol.

Trying to truly introduce who you are without sounding full of yourself is a little hard. Lol. But, I will give it a try…..

I’m woman who has dreamed of being a mother forever. Where most young girls dreamed of weddings, I dreamed of babies. In my late 20’s I was told that a test I had taken showed very high marks for cancer. I had a large mass on my ovary and was told that I would lose it. I remember feeling crushed. I was a 29 year old woman who had spent her younger years maturing and attending college. I always knew that I wanted children, but just at the right time. I had never considered not being a mommy. I was meant to be a mommy! However, at 29 I realized that I may have over thought my life and missed the chance. Thankfully, I went into surgery and walked out both cancer free and with 2 ovaries. But, those comforts were replaced with the nasty reality of being diagnosed with endometriosis. A disease that attacks reproductive organs. I never allowed my fear to destroy my faith and I stayed faithful. I prayed daily for God to bless me to carry life. I went through 2 rounds of a drug called Lupron and was blessed with an awesome baby boy. So….. pretty much I’m alot of things…. I’m faith driven, educated, very socialble, a wife, stepmom, mommy/aunt and yes….. Kristopher’s Mother.

About Kristle!

Hello World!

I’m a 31 year old working mom, wife, and now blogger! I am also a Leo (lol). I have been married to my darling husband Keith for four years . My son Kodie is 2 years old. I consider myself to have a laid back disposition with a sarcastic undertone. I am also a girly girl! I love jewelry and shiny objects and purple is my favorite color. I enjoy reading thriller and mystery novels. I also enjoy watching reality shows and watching the cooking channel. I love food and coffee!!!

I always knew that I wanted to be a mom of at least one or two kids. These days I’m surrounded by boys, boys, boys! In addition to having a son, I have two wonderful nephews Charlie 8 and Caleb 4. I am constantly surrounded by toy cars, trucks, and basket balls!

I always wanted a girl so that I could dress her up and have a lifelong friend (Lol)……however, I wouldn’t trade my boy for the world! Becoming a mom is by far my greatest accomplishment. I’m very passionate about motherhood and I love spending quality time with my son. Time is definitely flying, so I am trying to get all of my hugs and kisses now before he gets too big lol.

A little about the hubby
My husband Keith is laid back but very loud. He enjoys hanging out in the man cave and listening to music and playing his play station. He enjoys grilling and drinking beer. He’s a typical man’s man lol. He also happens to be a great Dad. Kodie came along and now he is the light of his life! Kodie also happens to look just like him and nothing like me lol.
A little about Kodie (AKA Mr. Lungs)
Kodie is a typical boy! He is curious about everything and he is very rambunctious and loud!!! He’s loud like his dad lol! He enjoys singing, dancing, and playing. He is very talkative and playful! Overall he’s a very happy and loving little guy. His knick name is Mr. Lungs because when he was born he was only 6lbs 9oz but was soooo loud! In the hospital he actually got put out of the nursery because he was such a screamer lol!

Stepping Out Of My “Comfort Zone”

The Comfortable and Cozy Comfort Zone

Stepping out of my comfort zone has always been intimidating to me. I’m a very reserved and private person and I have also been very apprehensive about putting myself out there for the world to see (or read in this case) for fear of rejection, not being accepted, or good enough, however, the idea of sharing my experiences as a new Mom has pushed me out of my own box! Having the idea is one thing but putting it into action is a whole other issue.

I have been tweaking and revising one blog for weeks and weeks….well maybe months and months, LOL (don’t judge me) but tonight I had a conversation with myself and decided that I needed to step out of my comfort zone once and for all! As excited and passionate as I am about motherhood and blogging, I am a lot more nervous and let’s face it, fear can be crippling! By overthinking, critiquing and perfecting, it can impede any progress and prevent anything from ever being done at all.

I’ve recently been listening to a mommy podcast (yes I’m that mom that listens to podcasts and reads self-help books, parenting articles, etc… LOL) from a life coach/mom called The Momma Truth Show and she talks about procrastination and the fear of not being good or perfect enough and I had a revelation that this completely applies to me! Tonight, even though I didn’t even plan on writing a post, I decided that I needed to do this exercise for myself and take the first step of jumping (or slowly treading, LOL) out of my own comfortable cozy comfort zone!

I once read that change cannot occur until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change (yes I also love motivational quotes). So there you have it… my perfectly imperfect first post about stepping out of my own comfort zone!

Kristle~a perfectly imperfect monumental mom!